Thailand in a nutshell: during and after the trip

  • Capital city: Bangkok
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Currency: Baht PLN 1.00 = THB 7.70
  • No need to check the weather forecast, because the weather changes fast and radically.
  • When looking for good prices of flight tickets to Bangkok, check those between Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Get ready for stuffiness, that is present both in the underground or local market and in an upscale store.
  • It is worthwhile to bargain, prices can be reduced by 25-50%.
  • Be careful of: excessive sun exposure and mosquitoes, unexpectedly spicy food and big traffic.
  • Air conditioner is always on and it’s set to only 15-18 degrees. In buses, taxis or in the restaurant, when the temperature is 35 degrees outside you should better take a sweatshirt with you.
  • Commission in all cash machines.
  • No roofs and/or curtains in hotel showers.
  • Cheap massage for PLN 15-30 /60 minutes is available everywhere.

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